The spence trial college

The spence trial college

I will teaching this week at the Spence Trial College as I have every year virtually from when it began to now. Gerry created the college in 1994 with an invitation for lawyers to attend and learn to be trial lawyers. He invited some lawyers from around the country to come to Wyoming and act as instructors. I was flattered to be invited to be part of that first year faculty only to have a trial in Oregon run over the scheduled time and keep me from being there. But, I was there the next year and have been there every year since with few, if any, exceptions. I go because I have met some terrific human beings at the college. I go because I always, always learn something new that makes me a better lawyer and better person. I go because I feel like I contribute something to an worthwhile idea my old friend conceived of and has nurtured with his own money and sacrifice. I go there because I look forward to spending time with Gerry, lawyers I have gotten to know and the students who attend. I’ve spent some time preparing for the evening lecture I’m scheduled to give because the students have given up their family time to be at this remote ranch outside of Dubois where the college is conducted. Conditions are basic for them and the hours are from morning to night so I want to do something worthwhile for them. I am pleased that there are a number of lawyers going through the course this year from the State of Washington.

There is no opportunity for email for me there. Cell phones don’t work unless you drive some distance to high hill. So there will no posts this week.

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