I’ve already published about these two software’s for trial lawyers but  I am preparing for a Seattle trial scheduled for October 14th and reminds me to talk about the usefulness of them again.

You’ll recall that TranscriptPad is designed for use with depositions and runs $50 to buy. It can be downloaded to your I-Pad as can the companion software TrialPad. TrialPad is designed for case organization and use  in the courtroom. It runs $90.

It means I have my entire case in an I-Pad and  that includes all briefs, photos, pleadings, motions, exhibits, depositions and anything else I want to have available without having a briefcase or banker box full of materials. My primary use is not as  a source while examining witnesses  or trying the case. Rather it is the ability to have all current data about my case (and five other major cases) in a single I-Pad which is easily transported. It means having it all with me when I travel or am waiting for an appointment. It also means having the information at my fingertips without going to boxes to search for materials. It means I’m not holding a deposition with a yellow highlighter reading it and I have the depositions with me whenever  I have the I-Pad with me so I can read and mark  it while waiting or doing other things without hauling  the deposition or document with me. It is true that one can use the software as a trial device and project exhibits as well as other data to a screen from  the I-Pad TrialPad. One could use it while examining witnesses or arguing the case, but that’s not how I use it.

There are a variety of ways to put both to good use, but for me I use them primarily for deposition summaries and case organization. So, how do I get the material into the I-Pad? There  are a  number of ways of doing it, but I  prefer a software like Dropbox or Box.  These  allow me to easily  transfer any  data in my computer to my I-Pad. Once I have saved or scanned anything, deposition, brief, motion etc into my computer I can use my mouse to slide it into Dropbox  or Box. I’ve downloaded the same software into my I-Pad and once it is in Dropbox or Box in my computer it appears in the same software in my I-Pad.

I merely go to Dropbox, which is what I am using, and open it. It asks where I want to move it in my  I-Pad and I when I select the location TrialPad or TranscriptPad asks which case I  want it in  and it ends up in that case for me to deal with.

I also like IAnnotate PDF which costs $10 for the I-Pad. This software allows me to move any not PDF document from Dropbox to IAnnotate where I convert it to PDF, name it and then move it to TranscriptPad or TrialPad.

TranscriptPad is a huge help to me. Here’s how I am using it. When the  reporter attaches a deposition to an e-mail and sends it, I first download it to my computer under  the case name and in an organized outline. I  then move it to Dropbox. I  next open it in my computer and move it  to TranscrpitPad. I  read every deposition in TranscriptPad because it  allows  me  to organize the deposition. As  I read  I can use my finger to yellow highlight any section or chose three other colors. I can underline in the same way using four different colors. I can create a flag which allows me to insert comments in a text box. I can create my own issue code. For example I could type “defendant statement to police” as an issue code. As I read depositions and create issue codes when I open a deposition all of the codes I’ve created are listed for  my selection. If I click  on an issue code all of the testimony I’ve marked for that issue is listed. If I click on one it will take me directly to  that testimony. One other feature is that it has a built in search capacity so you can type a word and it will search for that word in the deposition.

I can create reports  of  the testimony I’ve selected. I can  prepare a detailed report of all the issues in a deposition  or on any issue I designate. I can do this as a PDF or TXT report or Excel spreadsheet. I can send reports to Sanction or TrialDirector for use in the courtroom. Once the report is created in I-Pad I can send it my E-mail, I can wirelessly print it, I can send it to Dropbox or I can open it various other software I have in my I-Pad.

This means I can E-mail designated testimony under a heading I’ve created with page  and line to an expert or  to a tech person for creating  a slide or to another lawyer on the case. I could send it to my computer at the office for printing there.

TranscriptPad works much like TanscriptPad and one transfers information to the I-Pad in the same way, but it’s purpose is more case organization. I won’t take the time in this post to describe the many features except to say it allows you to create your own organization for  how you want to store trial materials. it allows color  coding and subtitles to the point your trial material can be easily accessed through your own designations.

I have become dependent upon my I-Pad as my “brief case” for the case and as the means by which I deal with depositions  plus organize materials that are in boxes on the shelf back at the office. You won’t go wrong spending the money on these programs if you use an I-Pad.

By the way, I have no interest of any kind in these companies and have no idea who created the software. I  paid for my software and have no financial interest in the products.


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