Jury research regarding the effect of the pandemic on the thinking of jurors regarding damage cases indicates the following general attitudes:

1. Jurors’ distrust in big corporations and their lawyers can lead to vengeful verdicts.

The very divisiveness of a big corporation-versus-the-individual case is driven by anger. There’s a perception rooted within the jury that a corporation has only one goal in mind: money.

2. Attention spans are shorter, leading to jurors paying less attention to lengthy testimonies and complex explanations.

The average attention span of a healthy adult is anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. That same adult’s reading level, on average, will be equal to that of a 7th or 8th grader. Short and simple is the best formula for presenting your case.

3. Social media changes how millennial jurors view the court system.

Younger jurors tend to distrust corporations more and have less patience with the lengthy and complicated approach to trial.

4. The Pandemic causes polarization of Beliefs

When individuals are reminded of death and the reality that they too one day will die, they tend to cling to and strongly defend their pre-existing ideologies, attitudes and beliefs. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that death reminders lead to ideological polarization and more vigorous defense the pre-existing beliefs.

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