The 2010 american trial lawyer hall of fame

The 2010 american trial lawyer hall of fame

I ‘d like to be immodest and tell you that my wife Lita and I  just returned from Las Vegas where I was inducted into the 2010 American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. What made it such an honor for me personally were the other members.  Last year  Bobby Lee Cook, Morris Dees, Fred Levin, stanley Preiser and Gerry Spence were inducted. Non living members include Melvin Belli,Clarence Darrow, William Kunstler and Johnnie Cochran. This year Phillip Corboy, Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, Russ Herman, J.B. Spence and I were inducted. The induction information said:

"Each year, the American Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame recognizes and honors these few remarkable individuals, both past and present, who have left an indelibly mark on the American legal tradition through a lifetime of service to the American public, the Constitution, and the American trial bar."

It was a very enjoyable lunch. Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, former white collar criminal defense lawyer, gave the welcome. The featured speaker was Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and author. This extraordinary man was given the United States Congressional Gold Medal and the Medal of Liberty Award as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In fact he has been awarded more then one hundred twenty honorary degrees from institutions of higher learning here as well as in Europe. Author of more then fifty books and popular speaker, Wiesel is a world wide inspiration. His talk was inspiring and worth more then any honor. I knew all of the people who were inducted this year as well as all of last year’s inductees so it was good to be there and see old friends. Phil Corboy was unable to attend due to health reasons, but he was honored non the less.

I was happy to be included with this group of wonderful lawyers and appreciated the gesture very much.

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