Slogans for product injury cases

Slogans for product injury cases

We all know the benefit of finding a simple idea, slogan or statement that communicates in a dramatic way the underlying concept of your case in a products liability lawsuit. There are as many possiblities as you can imagine. One good source is advertising slogans. The internet offers a large number of sites where advertising slogans are listed. Here are some simple examples of slogans.

  • They swept the problem under the rug
  • This company was afraid to let the cat out of the bag about the defect
  • The decided to "park" the information in their locked filing cabinet
  • They decided to lead doctors and hospitals down the primrose path
  • Now they wantto play the "blame game" and blame others for their carelessness
  • They are like a child with frosting all over it’s face claiming they didn’t eat the cake
  • This is a classic case of shading the truth, hiding the ball & outright lies
  • This company chose to cover it up
  • This company played Russian roulette with the health of the public
  • What did this company do when they found out? They just shrugged their shoulders and went back to business as usual
  • When it came to responsible safety, they chose to cut corners

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