I had a total knee joint revision in Scottsdale on June 8th and have been out of contact with the world really. After two weeks I’m starting to get back and in another week or two hope I’ll be able to keep this current. Right now, I’m not able to contribute as I’d like to.

In the meantime take a look at a trial going on in Flordia. The plaintiff’s lawyer is Steve Yerrid, one of the nation’s great plaintiff attorneys who has had really record injury and death verdicts – we are talking about verdicts over $100 million. He is suing a college athletic program for the death of a player during practice. The facts are easier to read then for me to explain. There is extensive blow by blow coverage of this trial and there has been a video from inside the courtroom. Start with this link and see if you find the other links to the case. It is very interesting and educational for all of us.

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