Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that have no particular connection to anything, but I thought worth saving. The first is the famous quote from Hamlet by William Shakespeare:

"When sorrows come – they come not single spies – but in battalions"

That seems so often to be the case. Something bad happens only to be followed by something worse especially when it comes to trial work. Nothing ever goes the way it is planned or expected when it comes to trial work.

When the Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora was asked about rumors the team’s president was going to be replaced he said he didn’t know anything about it. He said:

"We’re pretty involved with St. Louis Rams cleanup and San Francisco prep. We live in a cave. We are cavemen"

What I related to was the fact that when we are involved in a trial we really are in a cave. We have little or no awareness of what is happening in the outside world and our entire focus is on the trial itself. Our time before and after the trial day is devoted to preparing for the trial itself. This is when our families suffer the most. We have moved into our personal cave where we exist alone.

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