I leave this Sunday for Wyoming to teach for a few days  at the Spence Trial College. I missed last year for the first time since the program started due to knee surgery. I did miss first year when Gerry invited me because I was in a lengthy trial in Oregon but made every one after that until last year, so I’m looking forward to the experience.

In addition, to assisting with the training and the lectures I will give a talk. I like to cover a few of the preliminaries of trial fundamentals and  will discuss this year what neuroscience research has told  us about how the human brain works. I’m particularly interested  in how we made decisions – what influences our decision making. With fMRI we now know so much more about  this which the advertising industry utilizes in their efforts and which we should also be aware of  as communicators. I’ll have a  report for you on my return next week.


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