Itinerant photographers

Itinerant photographers

Gerry Spence and I have flown to New Orleans with our camera equipment to take photos and escape work. We have managed to do that just as hurricane Ida is to arrive with high winds and flooding rain. As it turns out the storm missed us and we ended up with only a little rain. We have been driven all over the area in search of the uniqueto photograph. We’ve missed out on all the night life since we are in bed before 9:00 and nap in the afternoon. We are not very exciting people, but we enjoy each other’s company and the excuse to spend time together for no good reason. Gerry has a wonderful sense of humor and we spend a lot of time laughing as well as talking photos. Our driver has no idea at all what we are doing and keeps trying to show us the usual tourist attractions which we reject in search of something usual. We spent a lot of time at the Mardi Gras building where all the colorful and strange floats and figures for the parade are stored.

We have also spent a lot of time talking about the law, juries and trials. We agree on so many things that it is good t o share our ideas. It’s strange how lawyers have difficulty getting past intellectual acceptance of ideas about trial, but are unwilling to make the attempt to put them into practice because they involve personal risk. In addition to personal risk there is the matter of opposition from the judge and one’s opponent so it is easier to just revert back to our old ways of doing things. When we strop thinking about ourself as the center of attention and our concern about looking good we can make progress. All of this is a personal challenge, but if we fail to make the effort we are stuck being what we are now.

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