Greetings from france

Greetings from france

My failure to up date this site is due to the fact we have been in France. My wife Lita and  I attended a plaintiff’s  trial lawyer seminar in Paris for a day before moving on and I got some good ideas. The one idea I liked was from an employment  lawyer who was talking about the problem of getting his clients to  open up about emotional issues. He decided  to take each of the items of emotional claims – anxiety, depression etc – and  ask them  using a  scale of one to ten. For example: "On a scale  of  one to ten  how  would you rate how you felt when that happened to you at work?" He kept track of the number they gave. He then created a graph or chart, like the  stock market chart over a period of time, with a designation of the time or event and  the number. He connected with a line creating  a graphic line exhibit.

I thought the use of a scale  of  one to ten alone was a great idea that gives the jury a concrete way of  understanding the  level of the emotional impact. I intend to adopt this idea and pass  it on to you.

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