Gerry spence trial college

I’ve just returned from my annual trip to the Spence Trial College which is conducted on a remote ranch about two hours drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I like to claim thatsince the time I was invited by Gerry to teach there when it first began over a decade ago, it’s so I can teach lawyers how to try cases. But, the cold hard truth is that I go there to learn more than to teach. I have become friends with people from all over the country both those who are there as students and those who are there as teachers. I have gained far more than I have ever given on these trips because of the stimulating atmosphere and the benefit of seeing my friend Gerry as well. Over the many years the College has been evolving as it has learned from experience and modified it’s approach. The best way to experience this unusual and unique program is to attend a three day regional meeting which are held all over the country. For more information see

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