Gerry spence jury selection method

Gerry spence jury selection method

At the Gerry Spence Trial College the following rules are taught as the correct approach to jury selection:

  • Be yourself – be real. Embrace the truth even if it hurts
  • Have a conversation with the jury not a lecture
  • Determine the issues in your case. What am I afraid of?
  • Share with the jury yourself before you ask them to share with you
  • Focus on the juror. Mentally shake hands with the juror you are talking to
  • Thank them for their answers no matter what they say
  • Honor their feelings even if you don’t like their answers
  • Never argue and never cross examine the juror
  • Concentrate on what you are doing, not how you are doing

The jury selection procedure is outlined this way:

  1. Identify those things that trouble you about the case
  2. Explore your personal feelings about them
  3. Determine why you are troubled
  4. Share your feelings about this with the jury
  5. Invite the jury to share their feelings about them with you
  6. Accept the gifts the jury give you
  7. Continue to share your feelings and invite the jury to share theirs

Students are taught the importance of total honesty and openness with the jury. To be up front on all key subjects. To not be afraid to allow and encourage discussion about issues that frighten and bother you about your case. These are proven techniques for jury selection that merit consideration.

2 thoughts on “Gerry spence jury selection method

  1. The “art” no one really addressed is sucessfully winning your case through mediation. What is the winning approach when the Court requires you to mediate as a condition precedent to trial? Does one appraoch presentation to a mediator in the same or similer approach to “convincing” a jury. I have been trying injury cases in Florida and Texas for the past thirty five years and I have yet to see a thoughful exposition or wisdom on how to win at mediation.

  2. The trayvon martin / George Zimmerman case is a contemporary best example of Gerry’s belief in voir dire, or jury selection. I surmise that Mr. West would concur with Mr. Spence. As disturbed as everybody was by the outcome in this case. No media source that I have seen , has pointed out that this case was decided by jury selection.

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