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There are free website on the internet that offer helpful advice on trial tactics. One site that offers free e-mails that I subscribe to and read is Trial Tips Newsletter by Elliott Wilcox at I like the simplicity of his suggestions like a recent issue when he advised making sure the jurors could hear, see and read what was being offered during trial.He suggested cupping one’s ear and looking at jurors for non verbal confirmation they could all hear. With written exhibits jurors were asked to read, he advised the lawyer to read the exhibit twice to herself or himself to assure enough time for the jurors to have read the exhibit.

Other sites worth checking include the Trial Lawyer Resource Center at This site offers a large number of articles on trial tactics by a group of trial lawyers. Many of the articles are worth reading. Lawyers USA has a website at which offers articles from time to time that are helpful and worth taking the time to read. There are some commercial sites that offer free information as well. One of the ones I check from time to time is Decision Quest at> This company is a trial consulting firm that offers jury research among a number of services. It offers trial ideas on its website. Another well known trial consulting firm Zagnoli McEvoy Foley offer free articles on trial and jury matters that are worth studying as well. In addition to these sites individual plaintiff lawyers often make available free articles about trial tactics. For example, Texas lawyer Howard Nations has a website with comprehensive articles that are available.

A search of the internet for specific areas of trial practice is also productive. There are many free sites offering advice about jury selection, opening statement and trial. In addition, one can find sites offering free information about specific types of litigation or claims. Take advantage of the internet in your learning efforts.

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