Ella wheeler wilcox and losing

Ella wheeler wilcox and losing

A few weeks ago I found a book of poems, Poems of Pleasure, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox in a small book store in Port Townsend, WA. I was prowling around the shelves of old books when my eye caught this book. Originally published in 1888 this book had the name Graci E. Merrill August 24, 1921 written in an elegant penmanship inside the cover.I like Wilcox’s poetry so I bought this book which I had not seen before. One poem made me think of trial lawyers who strive and sometimes fail. It was titled The Disappointed. See if you relate to this poem the way I do. Here is the poem:

There are songs enough for the hero
who dwells on the heights of fame;
I sing for the disappointed –
for those who missed their aim

I sing with a tearful cadence
for one who stands in the dark,
And knows that his last, best arrow
has bounded back from the mark

I sing for the breathless runner,
The eager, anxious soul,
who falls with his strength exhausted
almost in sight of the goal

For the hearts that break in silence,
with a sorrow all unknown,
For those who need companions,
Yet walk their ways alone.

There are songs enough for the lovers
who share love’s tender pain
I sing for the one whose passion
is given all in vain

For those whose spirit comrades
have missed them on the way,
I sing, with a heart o’erflowing
this minor strain to-day

And I know the Solar system
must somewhere keep in space
A prize for that spent runner
who barely lost the race

For the plan would be imperfect
unless it held some sphere
That paid for the toil and talent
and love that are wasted here

So, keep striving. Obtaining justice for deserving people is worth the pain and the challenge. When you fail, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

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