Frank Luntz is a communications consultant who has  written books and published many articles about communication. He has been active  with Republic party campaigns and has done focus studies as part of  that work. Some of his advice is worth considering. Here are a few of his ideas:

  • You only get one chance to make a good impression. Your first sentence, first thought, first idea, is the most important.
  • Successful people demonstrate confidence in themselves and their product. The message always rests on results and solutions. There is always a clear call to action at the end.
  • Don’t mistake volume for enthusiasm. Shouting is one of the worst mistakes communicators make him try to demonstrate passion.
  • Be a good listener. Don’t look away. Don’t fold your arms. The people centered: I’m listening; I hear you; I get it; I respect you; you are in control; you decide.
  • Phrases that work are: first principles, first things first, prevention and protection, getting our house in order, if you remember one thing, a straight forward approach, optimized – efficient and effective.
  • Words of passion are: imagine, let me fight for you, believe, celebrate, freedom, life is an adventure – will you join me?
  • Words that demonstrate principles are: accountability, strict standards, moral compass, social responsibility, objective and unbiased, uncompromising integrity, the simple truth, say which you mean and mean what you say.
  • Words that work: prevention, protection, accountability, compassion, the right to, patient centered, and balanced approach.

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