Why not apply for the College this year. If you are fortunate enough to attend you will find that the you  who completed the course is not the same person who started it. A transformation into a real human being will have taken place. Not only that, the new you is a far better trial lawyer then the old one. If you attend, introduce yourself to me when I show up to teach there. I look forward to seeing you.

credits including 2.25 for ethics.
September 8 – October 2, 2011
Thunderhead Ranch, Dubois, WY
Application Deadline: May 10, 2011
The Trial Lawyer’s College is an opportunity to spend 3 weeks unwrapping a wonderful gift box. The box contains “how to’s” on Jury Selection, Opening Statements, Direct & Cross Examinations as well as Closing Arguments. Once the box is emptied, it is tossed away and the focus is turned to one’s personhood. With the full power of knowing what makes one tick, the explosiveness of the trial components come alive. The Trial Lawyer’s College is gift awaiting your receipt.

“Your life does change. At The Trial Lawyers’ College, they do make that happen.”
Joseph F. Bufogle, Sr., Tulsa, OK

About Paul Luvera

Plaintiff trial lawyer for 50 years. Past President of the Inner Circle of Advocates & Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. Member American Board of Trial Advocates, American College of Trial Lawyers, International Academy, International Society of Barristers, member of the National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame & speaker at Spence Trial College
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