Americans don’t trust corporations

Americans don’t trust corporations

In July of this year, Peter Hart Research & Associations published survey findings. The results are of interest to t rial lawyes. The survey found:

  • Americans are deeply worried about the nation’s future and corporate misconduct is a major source. They see corporate misconduct as a central problem in the U.S.
  • Americans believe hcorporations put the bottom line ahead of fairness for consumers and employees
  • Americans believe corporate misconduct is a much more serious national problem than lawsuit abuse
  • The civil justice system is an important remedy for corporate misconduct & should be held accountable to make fair restitution
  • Some of American’s concerns about corporations include:

(1) Giving huge salaries & bonuses to CEO’s while cutting jobs and benefits
(2) Defaulting on their pension obligations
(3) HMO’s and health insurance companies refusing to pay for needed treatments
(4) Corporate CEO’s defrauding investors by manipulation for personal gain
(5) Insurance companies refusing to pay when they have a clear duty to do so
(6) Pharmaceutical companies putting products on the market when their own studies show they may
not be safe
(7) Large corporations having too much power and using to take advance of ordinary people
(8) Insurance companies raising rates even when claims are going down

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