This is my explanation (or excuse) as to why I am late posting ideas in  this blog. On June 13th I spoke at the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Convention about trial work. My friend, Carl Bettinger spoke on storytelling and story structure which was very helpful. He’s written a book which outlines  this  well. One point he made was setting  the scene fully in opening for  the story is important

On June 28th I  spoke in Sun  Valley at the Idaho Trial Lawyers convention about trying cases to conservative jurors. One talk that impressed me was about social media and the millions  who are using it. They are not youngsters. People of  all ages are using it. It was clear  to me we must check our clients social media  and  advise them about the fact the defense will be checking, plus we should check the defendant, experts, defense experts.

On July  22nd I was teaching  at the  Spence Trial College in Wyoming. This class was an outanding  group who were anxious to learn. As always, Josh Karton had helpful advice on communications and especially eye  contact. He  recommends “sharing” what you are saying with groups of two  or  three at a time  and long enough they know you were talking to them.

On August 4nd we flew to New York for the Inner  Circle of Advocates convention.  I gave a talk Monday morning on tips for trial. I then gave a  memorial for Seattle attorney Dan Sullivan Wednesday morning.

On Friday, August   10th, Lita and I drove to Cle Elum for the WSAJ convention. It was a joint convention with the Oregon trial Lawyers. I conducted the Luvera seminar on Saturday which features ten minute talks by lawyers. There were some excellent ideas and suggestions.

As  soon as  I get back to the office I hope to update this blog. Stay tuned

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