Trial lawyers and clear writing

Clear writing is an essential requirement for trial lawyers. My wife Lita gave me a book by Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots and Leaves which deals with the proper use of pronunciation marks and has cartoon’s to illustrate the lessons. I think the lessons are important about clear writing and the proper use of pronunciation marks. Here’s an example:

A panda walks into the library. He eats a sandwich, then draws his bow and shoots two arrows. "Why did you do that?" asks the librarian as the panda walks toward the exit. The panda shows her a badly punctuated book. "I am a panda. That’s what it says we do" he says. The librarian looks at the page. It reads: "Panda: large black and white bear like animal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves."

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Plaintiff trial lawyer for 50 years. Past President of the Inner Circle of Advocates & Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. Member American Board of Trial Advocates, American College of Trial Lawyers, International Academy, International Society of Barristers, member of the National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame & speaker at Spence Trial College
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