If a dead fish is worth $100,000 what’s a person worth?

If a dead fish is worth $100,000 what’s a person worth?

Did you see this news article? A blue fin tuna was purchased at auction in Japan for $104,700 in January of 2009! Now if a dead fish has a real world market value of more then $100,000 what’s a permanent injury to a human being worth? If we want to look at actual values placed on things by society we have no trouble doing that with material things. A dead tuna is worth $100,000 and a painting is worth $100 million dollars so why is applying the same standards for inanimate objects to real human beings so objectionable to some people? See the news report below:

"This Japanese bluefin tunafetched nearly 10 million yen at the year-opening auction is shown at Tokyo’s Tsukiji market Monday, Jan. 5, 2009. The premium tuna caught off the northern coast of Oma and weighing 282.48 pounds (128.4 kilograms) was auctioned for 9.63 million yen ($104,700), the highest since 2001, when another Japanese bluefin tuna fetched an all-time record of 20 million yen, market official Takashi Yoshida said."

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