I was sworn in as a lawyer in 1959 and have been representing people for over fifty years. I’ve written five books and over many years of representing plaintiffs exclusively I have talked to trial lawyers about trial work more times and places then I can remember. I’ve tried hundreds of jury cases and, earlier in my career, even more non jury cases. What skills I have I obtained from the hard lessons of experience, but even more so from the generosity of other trial lawyers willing to share their knowledge and their experience with me. None of us are self made men or self made women. All of us owe a debt to those who have learned and shared with us. That’s why I created this blog. It seemed to me I need to repay my gift of shared information by creating a “no strings attached” free source of ideas about being a plaintiff trial lawyer with others. My basic focus is on those who are not as experienced.  I hope that there will be something you will find is beneficial to you. Our mutual goal is to improve our skills in order to represent our clients to the best of our ability. I wish you every success.